Classic case of bad Christmas sweaters

This guy’s blank stare is distracting me from figuring out what the hell kind of animal that is.


Classic case of scientific humor

Personally, I would have liked to see a drawing of the menstrual cycle.

Classic case of Mexicans

They are pleased it’s Cinco de Mayo. One shirtless man, two thumbs up, a peace sign and a shit load of beads.

Classic case of old people

I remember when my grandma took advantage of me in card games, then she would take a big swig of her scotch and give me a condescending look, like I was half-retarded. “No, no Timmy, we don’t pick up a card until grandma does.” “OK grandma, thanks for this cool jacket!”

Classic case of baby watching the night he was conceived

I guarantee he’s thinking “Why does daddy keep squeezing my food supply?”

Classic case of Kindergarten Cop reference

My instinct tells me he chose option B, with extra emphasis

Classic case of underage drinking

That’s gotta be apple juice, right?