Classic case of Marky Mark and the Chocolate Bunch

I’m not sure what to take away from this picture, but apparently Wahlberg is a Twins fan.


Classic case of Jeff Goldblum sexually assaulting Laura Dern

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was looking for his career?

Classic case of paint by numbers

Oh I get it. This isn’t telling you to paint the McNuggets, it’s just supporting the Big Ten conference and their 11 teams.

Classic case of Jon Lovitz creeping

Ever since his career went down the drain, he spends most of his nights making creepy cameos in stranger’s pictures.

Classic case of KFC epiphany

One wonders: Is that in fact the Colonel’s bowtie or just his very, very tiny body?

Note: His alleged tiny body and shades of his face are the color blue.  This is said to be caused by an accident that occurred during his childhood, in which he fell into a well of permanent blueberry ink, according to Wikipedia.  This goes against the popular belief that the blue shaded areas actually represent shadows, rather than blueberry stains. KFC, Barry Sanders and Summer Sanders declined to comment.

Classic case of infidelity

I think that’s Charlie Woods in the middle.  Like father, like son.

Classic case of prohibition enthusiasts

I don’t think I’ve see a more disgusting group of women before – but the real question is, which pair of lips? I’d definitely round third base with far left.